Kimberly-Clark Foundation Distributes Three $150,000 Philanthropic Grants

Aug 2, 2023 8:00 AM ET

As part of our 150th anniversary last year, the Kimberly-Clark Foundation distributed three $150,000 philanthropic grants to nonprofits working in our key focus areas: empowering women and girls, maternal and child health and access to water and sanitation. For the first time in our company’s history, employees around the world voted on which global nonprofit projects would receive the grants, ultimately choosing She's the First, Project HOPE, and

A year later, we are proud to share how our nonprofit recipients benefitted from our grants.

She’s the First launched a new game for girls to help teach healthy relationships and create safe personal boundaries. reached an additional 30,000 people with the WaterCredit program that provides micro-loans to people in need of water and sanitation at home.

Project HOPE provided training for health care workers in emergency obstetric and newborn care and equipped clinics with the resources they need most.

We look forward to continuing to provide Better Care for a Better World through nonprofit partnerships like these and are proud to work with our teams who care for their communities every day.

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