JetBlue’s Onboard Menu Will Offer Food For Thought

Apr 30, 2015 1:30 PM ET


JetBlue started with the mission to bring humanity back to air travel. Our goal was to disrupt the model of what air travel had become and enhance the customer experience by providing an outstanding experience. Now 15 years later, 16,500 crewmembers and 10 consecutive JD Power & Associate awards for customer satisfaction, I think we are on to something.  With this in mind, JetBlue recently launched our first business mentoring program --BlueBud (buddies + budding new companies) – to help other innovative companies learn what it takes to get their products onboard commercial aircraft.

We started with the goal of making a difference and even as we’ve grown, we haven’t forgotten our humble roots. We believe it is now our responsibility to help other small, like-minded companies. Even with our steady growth and many accomplishments since 2000, we haven't forgotten what it's like to start out small with a mission to innovate an industry. BlueBud will help companies connect with a diverse group of customers, all while maintaining responsible practices. The first program will focus on small food companies in New York State that are creating unique and novel concepts.

Participants will get special access to JetBlue’s business leaders, who will offer participants access to the airline’s unique product development culture, as well as valuable industry insights.

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Sophia Mendelsohn is currently the Head of Sustainability at JetBlue Airways, where she is shaping policies and practices that enhance JetBlue’s competitive advantage and reduce environmental impact. Prior to JetBlue, Sophia was Head of Sustainability, Emerging Markets for Haworth Inc., a multinational manufacturer in the corporate real estate industry. At Haworth, she was responsible for increasing sustainable product offerings in emerging markets, including Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.