Investors' Circle Features B Corporations

Early stage investment opportunity via virtual venture fair
Feb 14, 2013 8:00 AM ET

The six B Corporations featured in this month's Investors' Circle's virtual venture fair are loosely grouped into the sustainable consumer products sector.  Each company tackles significant issues like environmental degradation and poverty while promoting fair trade.  As early stage enterprises with traction in the marketplace, they will be looking to raise between $25K to $3M and all show promise to rapidly scale.  The event represents a unique opportunity for targeted investors to connect with a number of compelling companies at one time and with considerable ease. It's innovative deal flow in action.

Brian Linton is the Founder & Chief Trash Collector of UBB (United by Blue), a sustainable clothing and assessories company that has, to date, removed 141,000 pounds of trash from the ocean. Brian's love of scuba diving and the 30 fish tanks he kept in his bedroom growing up created a deep connection to all that thrives under water. United by Blue aims to make a serious dent in statistics like plastic outnumbering plankton 46:1 in places, and 14 billion pounds of trash that has now fallen into the ocean.

  • The elevator pitch: United by Blue: United By Blue is a brand of sustainable apparel. For every product sold, we remove 1 pound of trash from our world's oceans and waterways.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks has deep roots in the tumultuous, heart-wrenching history of the Mlabri people. From peaceful forest dwellers to 20th century slavery, they’ve battled exploitation, death threats, malnourishment, malaria and displacement. Faced with this barrage of plagues, their numbers dwindled until UNESCO placed them on the “Endangered Languages List”, with only 300 Mlabri left in the world. In spite of the extreme hardships they’ve faced, they’ve maintained a fierce determination to preserve their culture. Through the establishment of Yellow Leaf as a global lifestyle brand, the hill tribe villages we partner with will be able to sustain this positive impact and continue to lay the foundation for a brighter future.

  • The elevator pitch: Yellow Leaf Hammocks: Eco-luxe hammock brand spreading the “Do Good. Relax.” lifestyle: we strike at the root of extreme poverty from the comfort of a hammock!

Grower’s Secret was founded in Hawaii in 1998, when plant pathologists discovered a material produced by mushrooms that allows the fungi to defend themselves from pests and pathogens, as well as operate more efficiently. With a little bit of research, they realized that the material could be applied to other plants, allowing them to benefit more from fertilizer and other nutrients. Berman saw great potential in Grower’s Secret even when its commercial appeal was unproven.  Read more

  • The elevator pitch: Growers Secret: GS produces an organic plant growth enhancer from edible fruit that increases plant growth by 30%, creates uniformity & lengthens shelf life.

A social enterprise with focus on the integrated bottom line:  by paying artisans in India a life-changing living wage, using natural plant and mineral-based dyes and mordants and choosing fibers such as linen that grow naturally pesticide free and are not water intensive, SLOWCOLOR rejuvenates centuries-old fabric dyeing techniques and handlooming traditions, protects the environment and creates fabrics that are healthy for life.  SLOWCOLOR connects artisan to audience, tradition to global market and health of the planet to consumer choice.

  • The elevator pitch: SLOWCOLOR: Fair Trade Textile. Handmade & Naturally Dyed. Always.

As a mom, and a clinical psychologist,  Jill Robbins, Founder of HomeFree, realized how important it is for kids with food allergies and sensitivities to feel included at social occasions, where a sweet treat is often part of the fun. She created HomeFree® bakery, with a line of wholesome cookies and cakes, as well as a cookbook full of easy to make allergy friendly recipes, so that people with food allergies and other special dietary needs can enjoy treats along with everyone else. Made in a dedicated bakery free of peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and dairy with all natural and/or organic ingredients.

  • The elevator pitch: HomeFree: HomeFree provides tasty and healthful cookies that everyone can enjoy, including people with food allergies and most other special dietary needs.

The story of Atayne goes back to a hot and humid Washington DC morning in May 2007 when company founder Jeremy Litchfield used a new red performance shirt for the first time. By the time he finished his run, the lower half of his body was covered in red dye. Adding insult to injury, his shorts, socks, and shoes were all stained in red dye. The experience left him with an uneasy feeling: what nasty chemicals were being absorbed into his body as he was trying to make himself healthier by running? He decided to do some research and found out some remarkable things: (1) Current performance apparel is based on out of date technologies that pose harm to people and the planet and (2) Newer technologies exist that are not only safer, they perform better. What started out as a bad experience with a red running shirt has transformed into a company dedicated to inspiring positive social and environmental change through the power of active lifestyles. The first chapter in this journey, high performance athletic gear made from ”trash.” Where the story goes is anyone’s guess, but one thing is for certain - Atayne will never make a "red shirt."

  • The elevator pitch:  Atayne: Atayne makes performance apparel that is safe for people and the planet through a localized manufacturing, Just-In-Time production model

Accredited investors are invited to attend and can register online here.

How to Attend & Additional FAQs:

  • Thursday, February 21
  • Registration is $50.
  • 7 min real time pitch sessions
  • 4 min Q&A session for each deal
  • Presentation decks available
  • 3pm/ET - 12pm/PT


B Corps are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.  Today, there is a growing community of more than 600 Certified B Corps from 15 countries and 60 industries working together toward 1 unifying goal: to redefine success in business.

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