International Women’s Day: Meet MPC Engineering Director Jeannette Jones

In celebration of International Women’s Day, hear from MPC Engineering Director Jeannette Jones in our Denver, Colorado, office on what excites her about her role and working in the energy industry and why more women should consider careers in engineering
Mar 13, 2024 2:30 PM ET
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How she got started in engineering

Jeannette earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical and petroleum refining with a minor in environmental science from the Colorado School of Mines. She has nearly 30 years of engineering experience. “I was the first in my family to attend college,” she shared. “My dad had an eighth-grade education, and my mom had a high school education, but they both knew the value of a college degree and strongly encouraged me to go to school and pursue a great career,” she continued. “My cousin also attended Colorado School of Mines, which influenced my decision to become an engineer, too.”

What excites her about her role and the energy industry

In her role at MPC, she is responsible for identifying and driving the strategic vision of the technical services team to help execute the business plans of MPLX Gathering & Processing (G&P). “What excites me the most about my role is getting to work with a group of engineers with diverse technical backgrounds, all coming together to support the technical operations of G&P,” she shared. “It’s a lot of fun working with such a great team of people.”

Jeannette also shared what excites her about the energy industry. “Energy is a vital resource that makes people’s lives better. The industry is always evolving through technological advancements, and we’re continuing to find efficient ways to produce energy while protecting the environment. I’m excited to be part of the energy industry and enjoy attending conferences and networking with other experts in the sector and bringing those learnings back to my team.”

Her perspective on why more women should consider a career in engineering

“I’d encourage women to consider a career in engineering because there are many different types of engineering roles to explore. Engineers are often well compensated, and it’s a lot of fun,” she shared. “Women also bring unique perspectives and experiences to the role to help strengthen companies and teams.”

In 2020, women made up only 14 percent of the U.S. engineering workforce according to the Society of Women Engineers. “I think engineering can oftentimes be portrayed as getting dirty and wearing steel-toed boots and hard hats, but if we’re going to draw more middle school and high school girls into engineering and other STEM fields, we have to show them why it’s fun,” she shared.

From an early age, Jeannette’s parents gave her hands-on learning toys and encouraged STEM activities to show her that STEM learning can be fun. “I recall playing with Lincoln Logs and engaging in activities where science meets nature, such as collecting rocks and growing crystals,” she shared. “My husband and I did the same for our children when they were younger by giving them old toolboxes and encouraging them to fix things or build things for their toys, whether it was a ramp for their Hot Wheels or a ramp for their Barbie doll to walk across the red carpet,” she continued. “We wanted them to know that problems can be fixed and problem-solving can be fun.”

Her advice to women engineers who are early in their career

“I’d encourage women engineers who are early in their career to believe in themselves and don’t be afraid to fail. I’d also encourage them to find mentors that they can learn from and know that they don’t have to have all the answers. It’s okay to ask questions, learn and ask for help when needed.”

Her involvement in MPC’s Women’s employee network

Jeannette is a leader of our Women’s employee network chapter in Denver, Colorado. “Our Women’s employee network chapter helps support the company’s goals and provides women an opportunity to network with other MPC employees,” she shared. “Our network also supports leadership development opportunities and is a place for women and allies to share their personal and professional experiences. I’m excited about our network’s momentum and would encourage employees to get involved in their local chapter.”

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