An Inspiring Story: CNH Brand Sustainably Supports Patagonian Family Business

Mar 22, 2024 4:00 PM ET

Diana Visintini and her son, Nano, have been working as marine tour guides for over two decades.

Their business is based in Puerto Madryn, a city located on the northeast coast of Patagonia in Argentina, an area known for its marine fauna, such as whales, sea lions, dolphins and other species.

"I've been in Patagonia for more than 20 years. In the year 2000, with experience in nautical tourist guides, I began to carry out this venture. Because of my love and passion for the sea and nature, I started this activity. I am a first-class captain, whaling guide, tour guide and English teacher, which links me to tourism and visitors very easily," said Diana.

Diana is linked not only to the sea, but to the field as well thanks to her farm located in Colón, Buenos Aires. "I periodically travel to visit the countryside, and for a long time I have been looking forward to buying a tractor, and what better way to do it than in my city, where I have my roots, and with the friends of Agricola Noroeste," Diana explained, adding: "I inquired about Jerome Case and the history of Case IH, and I said 'this has to be good'.

To carry out her noble work, Diana acquired a Farmall 80JXM from Case IH (a brand of CNH) through Agrícola Noroeste, official dealer of the brand, who highlighted the importance of making the activity visible: "from our place, it is essential to contribute to the productive sector of the country from various places, being present not only in the field, but also in unconventional activities for the machinery we sell," said Luciano Laferrara, head of Marketing and Communication at the dealership.

The tractor actively participates by moving the semi-rigid boat of more than eight meters long with ecological engines to the Patagonian coast. "With so many years of experience in my business, I didn't want to retire from the activity without first having an 80JXM tractor," said captain Diana.

Diana also highlights environmental care as an essential reason for choosing the equipment: "Old tractors lose a lot of oil and pollute, which is why we switched to Farmall. Aesthetics are also important, since people come from all over the world to visit us, passionate about Patagonia that has a sea that is an icon worldwide. The tractor is left on the beach and is the envy of all my colleagues."

"Participating together with our renowned tractor in an atypical activity for the products we sell is to realize the versatility and adaptability that we manage with our machines, which are essential for our customers when opting for equipment," explained Rodrigo Lanciotti, Marketing Manager of Case IH.

Supporting inspiring individuals like Diana through innovative and sustainable technology are at the core of CNH’s commitment to making a greener future for farmers – and captains – around the globe.