“Indigo Turtles” T-Shirts Save Lives by Adopting Baby Sea Turtles

Aug 21, 2014 3:00 PM ET

August 21, 2014 /3BL Media/ - Orta and Mavi generate partnership with the EKAD NGO (Ecological Research Society) to help in the conservation efforts concerning two 110 million year old sea turtle species, the Caretta Caretta and Chelonia Mydas, which both have now become endangered.

EKAD collects data on human interference during the laying and hatching season, which comes from tourism industry development of nesting grounds, unnatural light sources that confuse hatchlings and accidental fishing deaths. Hundreds of volunteers involve in the studies take part in Belek from June to September. The volunteers do camping for one month. The idea is to protect the incubating eggs from unnatural obstacles, hotels and local people, and help new born turtles on their path to reach sea from their nesting grounds.

Orta supports this valuable mission by providing camping materials for EKAD meanwhile, Mavi sells t-shirts under the concept “Indigo Turtles” . Any sold t-shirt, ensures 10 baby turtle’s life and makes a significant contribution to the natural inhabbitat of Mediterranean Sea. The project aims to maintain the lives of  15.000 Baby Sea Turtle via adopting 400 nesting grounds. 

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