Indigo Turtles Finally Reach Out to the Sea!

Mission is completed! See the baby sea turtles...
Sep 2, 2014 8:00 AM ET

Indigo Turtles volunteers shine out as the baby sea turtles hatch!

The Indigo Turtles Project bears its fruit as the hatchling season begins. Now it’s easier for thousands of baby Sea Turtles to overjump the obstacles of nature.

The partnership of EKAD (Ecological Research Society), OrtaBlu and Mavi Jeans, geared up and arrive into the sunny beaches of Southern Turkey, Belek, Antalya.  EKAD volunteers were cooperating with the research center during the nesting season and now they stronger than ever as more volunteers from OrtaBlu and Mavi Jeans join the bandwagon. Moreover, a social media campaign run by Mavi Facebook page, add three lucky fans to this exiciting journey. The current step of the project  is to coordinate hatchling turtles in their effort on climbing out of the nest and reaching into the water. Through this journey, the baby turles faces with many difficulties and unfortunately, many of them are the reason of natural habibat destruction comes from tourism industry development of nesting grounds, unnatural light sources that confuse hatchlings and accidental fishing deaths.

While it takes fifteen years before a hatchling can make eggs of there own, only one in a thousand generally make it that far. With the odds stacked against them, it is collaborations like the Indigo Turtles Project that can hopefully make a difference. You can continue your generous support through purchasing an Indigo Turtles t-shirt via a Mavi store or the website,

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