Raise Your Voice, Not The Sea Level!

Raise Your Voice, Not The Sea Level!

The Recycling Journey of Çevki the Cat

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Eco-Fun with Mr. Blu

Metal can hugs the cardboard gift box

Çevki the Cat


A pic from the musical

Children adores Çevki the Cat

All recycling materials together

Lets spread out!

Çevki the Cat


5th of June is the World Environment Day. This year the ministiry of environment and urban planning celebrate the environment day through the whole week and supported plenty of charities and organizations. In Kayseri leg, Orta collaborates with the ministry and sponsored one of the events, a children musical about recycling.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - 12:30pm

CAMPAIGN: ORTA BLU Social Missions

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Every year, 5th of June is celebrated as World Environment Day! It is a day we should reflect and accept more responsibility toward the world we inhabit.  

Orta, a dedicated supporter of an environmental sustainability, produced the play “The Recycling Journey of Çevki the Cat”. It is an interactive children’s musical that teaches young ones why they should recycle and the proper way to do so, depending on the material. In the play, there is a cat named Chevki who travelling with a plastic bottle, a paper box, composite waste (milk in a paper box), a fruit juice can and a glass bottle. Through the journey, Chevki drives the waste cattle to a recycling facility and guides them through the process with the facility’s guard. The play frequently stops to ask kids about which waste they should recycle in specific conditions, demonstrating the proper to recycle.

After the play, all the spectators were awarded with our children’s eco-book, “Eco-Fun with Mr. Blu”. Environmental awareness is of the utmost importance, and the youth are the best people to reach as theirs will be the world of the future.

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