Impact Investing for Social Justice: Looking Back and Moving Forward

Impact Investing for Social Justice: Looking Back and Moving Forward

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Adam Connaker, Surdna Foundation

Wednesday, October 26, 2022 - 11:10am

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by Adam Connaker, Surdna Foundation

Like so many impact investors, we’ve hit an inflection point. For several years, our Foundation has taken steps to explore the terrain of impact investing, steadily learning how to complement and enhance our work to move toward positive value in this world. Now, we must take stock of where we are and chart a course for the future.

We believe all our capital — intellectual, social, and financial — has a shared purpose. As such, in 2014, at nearly 100 years old, Surdna set out to learn how our endowment, and the broader global financial system, could complement and augment our service to communities in need. For Surdna, impact investing answers the question of ‘how do we scale our impact and instill replicability to bring about lasting improvements in people’s lives.’ Against the enormous challenges of today, scale and replicability are a must. While having a greater than $1 billion endowment seems like a lot of capital, it’s small compared with the broader financial system’s hundreds of trillions of dollars. But it does represent a gateway to beginning to invest in solutions to today’s biggest pressing issues.

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