iCause: A Global Marketplace for Cause

iCause, a Delaware based PBC, supports nonprofit sustainability.
Jan 29, 2018 8:00 AM ET

January 26th, 2018 /3BL Media/ -- iCause is a global marketplace for cause - the first of its kind.  The focus of iCause is to make an impact and build communities, with engagement and incentives for individuals, nonprofits, educational institutions, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) companies and philanthropists.  

“iCause bridges the gap between the mass market and nonprofit companies, making it easier to engage with nonprofit communities and support international causes.”  CEO, Kevin McAhren

The problem in today’s world is a great lack of readily available information on causes, making it difficult for people to find events they care about. Information on cause events is fragmented and incomplete, rendering the search frustrating and exhausting. Similarly, philanthropists and nonprofits lack a credible source that allows them to promote causes and attract new support with conformance to industry standards. Causes therefore often lose potential activists and participants.  

iCause will make an impact for many stakeholders:  

Nonprofits:  iCause strives to be the number one engagement platform and community for nonprofit sustainability.  iCause provides an ecosystem that encourages individuals to engage and participate, while helping nonprofits expand their reach.  Nonprofits will have the ability to market events, spread awareness, raise donations and attract volunteers - all in one place! The marketplace allows direct engagement for all constituents, with statistical data supporting all performed activities. Here, individuals can get involved using the volunteer and donation options while being  incentivized through a rewards system.

(CSR) Corporations: Companies  across the world have recognized the close link between social responsibility and profitability. As a result, corporations have increased their commitments and resources to philanthropy and cause marketing - supporting causes while at the same time building brand value. Consumers are more likely to buy products from companies that support a cause or encourage their employees to give back and volunteer.  iCause is the perfect middle man - helping companies align with a nonprofit to increase brand reputation with reciprocal cause marketing.

Government Agencies:  As a government agency, it is difficult to find active nonprofits that accept community service and fulfill all hour-tracking and reporting requirements. iCause does just that. The global marketplace encompasses nonprofits and causes from around the world. A strict verification process ensures that all listed nonprofits are credible and trusted, while an hour tracking and reporting systems allows precise monitoring of all performed community service.  iCause is focused on building and supporting communities by providing all necessary services in one easy to manage place.  

Philanthropists: In today’s conflict-ridden world, there is a pledged wealth to social cause among us that is monumental. The problem is that this wealth is not easily distributable. There is a need for a centralized system to efficiently tie pledges to reputable causes. iCause steps in as the champion of cause - allowing philanthropists to continually explore new innovations for the preservation of good for generations to come. Its transparent marketplace empowers individuals and nonprofits alike - incentivizing and rewarding those who are doing good.  iCause seeks to shape the ideas and critical thinking of the future  so that that one day the masses will embrace cause as more than just a casual encounter.

Advertisers: The iCause marketplace accepts advertising alongside events. This advertising opportunity is unique as it allows a choice of reach - whether local, regional, national or global. It is also possible to target a specific audience demographic based on preference, cause, age group, and more. Managing campaigns is similar to Google and Facebook advertising, with the additional ability of enticing users to click on the category "promotions and discounts". This category shows the user all advertising sorted by event, company, and location for relevant products, services, or brands.

Investors: Impact investors across the world don't just want to see a financial return, they want to see their investments make a social or environmental impact. They can use iCause to measure and manage their impact and find causes and opportunities worthy of investment. With iCause, investors can not only find causes and companies worthy of support but also like-minded investors looking to increase their engagement with cause.  

The iCause marketplace seeks to appeal equally to individuals, nonprofits, schools, government agencies, CSR companies, philanthropists and investors. All stakeholders in these environments will be incentivized to work together to spread awareness and create a more conscious and mindful world.

Learn more about iCause: www.icause.com

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