iCause Launches Global Rewards Platform

Jul 2, 2018 2:00 PM ET

July 2, 2018 /3BL Media/ - iCause is proud to introduce an innovative rewards system, that lets you combine your weekend plans with earning rewards.

The iCause rewards system consists of points that are accumulated with various activities tied to events and volunteering. The influence section provides you with a rating and an overview of all activities and earned reward points.

In your influence section you will see:

- Event activity history

- Influence level

- Rewards points

- Cumulative volunteer hours

Your influence rating is directly tied to activities on the iCause platform. You can earn reward points by attending, favoriting, and sharing events, as well as by referring friends or leaving a testimonial. Redeem your reward points for Amazon products, gift cards, and much more!

“I am thrilled to see my community getting rewarded for the activities they perform on the iCause platform, whether it’s volunteering, favoriting, sharing or promoting our events. The matching of reward points for donations to the foundation is an added encouragement.” - Claudia Ibarbo-Gloyne, CEO of Extending a Hand Foundation

In addition to the reward points, volunteering and engaging with nonprofits also tie into your influence level. Hour and volunteer tracking is easily visible from the profile, adding accountability. The more volunteer hours and involvement with various nonprofits, the higher your influence rating!

Join iCause - earn rewards while making a difference!

Simply go to: www.icause.com and click to sign up.  It’s free! Plus you will earn rewards just for setting up your account.  Once completed, you can share on social media and earn even more points!