// Hydro Ottawa’s Green Energy Initiatives

// Hydro Ottawa’s Green Energy Initiatives

Renewable Electricity – The Way Forward
Saturday, November 3, 2012 - 10:35am

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In 1882, Hydro Ottawa’s predecessor, the Ottawa Electric Light Company, first lit the streets of the nation’s capital using renewable green energy. Fast forward 130 years later, it’s a legacy that Hydro Ottawa, through its Green Energy initiatives, is proud to carry on.

The company has taken a leadership role in its commitment to producing and developing environmentally responsible forms of energy today. Hydro Ottawa’s three water-powered electricity generating stations on the Ottawa River are among a prestigious handful of Canadian green power generation facilities certified by the Federal government. These generating stations utilize the natural flow of the Ottawa River at the city’s historic Chaudière site; 100% of which, produces EcoLogo(M) certified green power.

In addition, the renewable electricity from Hydro Ottawa’s Trail Road Landfill gas-to-energy generating station is assisting the Province in meeting its goal to have 10% of Ontario’s power supplied by renewable generation. Combined with solar pad-mount and solar rooftop projects, Hydro Ottawa produced enough green energy in 2011 to power 18,000 homes for an entire year.

Disproving the notion that it’s not easy being green, Hydro Ottawa announced in June 2012, the acquisition of three hydroelectric plants and a 38.3 per cent interest in the Chaudière Falls Ring Dam, also located on the Ottawa River. The investment more than doubles Hydro Ottawa’s generating capacity from 17 megawatts to 38 megawatts of clean electricity – enough to power 28,000 homes for a year.

Enhancing the environmental consciousness in Ottawa is a critical component of Hydro Ottawa’s corporate citizenship. Hydro Ottawa’s commitment to the well-being of their community goes beyond renewable energy and respecting the environment in their work. They are active in the community promoting conservation and demand management as well as educating children and youth about electricity safety and conservation.
It is also entirely consistent with their participation as a sponsor of the CCSR Conference and why they look forward to freely exchanging perspectives with attendees.

Hydro Ottawa is key sponsor for this year’s Corporate and Community Social Responsibility CCSR Conference to be held on November 6th, 2012 at Algonquin College, Ottawa. This 5th annual CCSR conference – with a focus on the Canadian Perspective – is the country’s largest Community and Corporate Social Responsibility conference inviting experts from across the globe to share insights and showcase excellence in CCSR.


Download their 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility report