The How2Recycle Label Welcomes Nakoma Products to Growing List of Participants

Representing the First Company to use the How2Recycle Label for Aerosol Cans
Jan 6, 2014 7:45 AM ET
Campaign: How2Recycle Label

January 6, 2014 /3BL Media/ - Nakoma Products, a cleaning products company known for brands Endust® and Behold®, is the newest participant to join the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s How2Recycle Label program. Nakoma is also the first company to use the How2Recycle label for aerosol cans, representing an important addition to the How2Recycle program.

“Many consumers don’t realize the impact they can make by recycling metal aerosol cans,” said Jonathon Spagat, Director of Marketing for Nakoma. “While some substrates lose some of their inherent properties when recycled, metals never do. The demand and value for scrap metal has always been very high because it can be endlessly recycled into new products, such as bikes, bridges and cans. By recycling metal aerosol cans, we are not only saving energy by replacing the need to produce virgin material, but also often subsidizing the collection and processing of other less-valuable materials.”

“There are many more stories that need to be told” said Spagat. “Nakoma is constantly looking for ways in which to further educate consumers on the importance of recycling and is very excited to partner with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, who is tackling clear recycling labeling through How2Recycle.”

“Many consumers are confused about what they can recycle, especially when it comes to materials that are just recently being accepted for recycling by communities,” said GreenBlue Senior Project Manager, Anne Bedarf. “The How2Recycle Label helps fix this problem by clearly communicating exactly how and where certain materials should be recycled.”

Nakoma is also removing the “No CFCs” claim on its packaging. CFCs are long-since banned by the Clean Air Act, making on-package claims of “No CFCs” unnecessary and confusing to consumers. “By removing the ‘No CFCs’ claim on its products, Nakoma is demonstrating sustainability leadership and showing their commitment to clear consumer communications,” said GreenBlue Project Manager, Danielle Peacock.

About How2Recycle

How2Recycle is a program of GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition. The SPC’s goal is to have How2Recycle appear on the majority of consumer goods packaging by 2016, creating a harmonized labeling system that effectively communicates the recyclability of a package. How2Recycle provides a consistent and concise recycling labeling system that is compliant with the Federal Trade Commission Green Guides. Any company interested in joining How2Recycle, or interested in obtaining a fee sponsorship, should visit and contact Anne Bedarf at

Fee sponsorships are made possible through the support of the Flexible Film Recycling Group (FFRG) of the American Chemistry Council and  sponsorships remain available for companies using How2Recycle for plastic bags, wraps, and films.

About the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and GreenBlue

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