How Millennials Are Shaping the Way Companies Give Back

Nov 25, 2014 3:00 PM ET

How Millennials Are Shaping the Way Companies Give Back

Millennials — who will make up more than half the workforce by the year 2020 — are pushing companies to manage social responsibility in new and innovative ways, according to recent studies. 

At The Coca-Cola Company, the emphasis has shifted from a traditional top-down business approach to philanthropy, to a bottom-up strategy that is inclusive of the Millennial perspective and aligned with community needs, says Lisa Borders, chair of The Coca-Cola Foundation and vice president, Global Community Connections.

"Companies won’t have a choice. If they want to recruit and retain Millennials, they need to examine their own involvement in cause work as well as the opportunities they give their employees to be engaged in cause work, because their staff wants to make a difference in the world," says Derrick Feldmann, president of the consulting firm Achieve and lead researcher on the 2014 Millennial Impact report.

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The Startup Games began as a social networking event in Austin for new tech companies as employees connected over games like foosball. Now participating teams choose a charity to play for.


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