How to Market a Green Janitorial Service

Nov 17, 2010 10:00 AM ET

Green Business Views

For a long time, janitorial services have play around the edges of the Green issue.  Some have been so bold as to literally invent their own Green certification.  This is a sure clue that the ethics of those janitorial services are questionable.  Others, went over and bought their certifications from one of the several “Pay to Play websites.  Others follows the proper path by earning their certification from an authoritative body.  The Green Clean Institute is one of the best and well-recognized Green janitorial certifications.

Green Clean Institute now encourages the legitimate Green janitorial services to get the word out.  Don’t just put the logo on your website and your advertising.  Get proactive, and start marketing your Green merit.  The “7 Reasons to Hire a Green Janitorial” is an amazing janitorial marketing program.  As you can see by visiting the website, there is a well-designed brochure, a PowerPoint presentation, a postcard, and a series of letters.  Other innovations are a video explaining the 7 Reasons that is less than 3 minutes that a company can send by simple email.  All in all, it is quite a package, and the price is just $250.

The Green Clean Institute has trained and certified more janitorial services that any other Green janitorial program.  There program is powerful and effective.  Add in the power punch of the 7 Reasons to Hire a Green Janitorial, and you have a formula for a growing business.

Of course, you can’t even buy this program if your cleaning service isn’t Green.  This is for companies that have made the transition and provide a legitimate Green cleaning service.


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