How Investable & Sustainable Ocean Funds Are Navigating Impact Measurement

Oct 5, 2023 6:00 AM ET

by Ted Janulis and Helena Janulis of Investable Oceans and Aly Rose of CREO Syndicate

Blue economy funds have experienced dramatic growth in the past half decade, with nearly thirty new entrants – ten or so of them in 2022 alone. This is good news, as it signals both growing investor interest in the sector and an increasing pipeline of investable opportunities. As this ocean investment ecosystem evolves, the question of how to measure impact in investments has become a frequent topic of discussion.

To explore this impact question further, Investable Oceans and CREO conducted interviews and surveyed over a dozen leading sustainable ocean funds from 10 countries. We supplemented these interactions with reviews of available online resources, including websites and impact reports. We selected funds that already had significant capital under management and are currently investing. The funds collectively captured a diversity of ocean verticals, though notably, 13 out of 14 address Pollution & Waste Management.

The discussions were candid and fascinating, and the surveys allowed for additional quantitative analysis. One clear takeaway: all of the funds we spoke with are actively developing strategies – often mapped to SDG 14 – in order to measure and understand impact in ocean investing. Still, there is a strong consensus that much work lays ahead. In this piece, we present our key learnings as well as insights directly from some of the fund managers.

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