How to Get More of Your Staff to Give More

How to Get More of Your Staff to Give More

Best practices for increasing engagement in your employee giving program
Monday, November 4, 2013 - 4:30pm

How Do You Increase Participation in Your Employee Giving Program?

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Employee giving is growing at an astounding rate, and for good reason. The benefits are tangible and undeniable–both for the company and the employee alike. And the companies that excel at employee giving are those who are able to maximize participation in their programs. But how do the world’s best corporations increase participation? By following these best practices:

Offer more giving programs at the same time

  • Payroll Giving Campaigns
  • Matching Gifts Programs
  • Disaster Relief Programs
  • Featured Causes
  • Regular, One-Off Donations

Make giving easier with more methods of giving

  • Online Donation Form
  • Claiming Credit for Donations Made Outside the System
  • Automated Paycheck Deductions
  • Online System Lets Them Give from Anywhere


Employee Giving Best Practices: Increasing Participation

Check out this free article and learn best practices for increasing participation in your employee giving programs.
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