How to Effectively Use Federations to Curate Content & Help Your Workplace Giving Program Thrive

How to Effectively Use Federations to Curate Content & Help Your Workplace Giving Program Thrive

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Thursday, September 13, 2012 - 2:45pm

Benevity recently announced a new partnership with Community Health Charities of America to help businesses better engage and inform employees around the popular pillars of health and wellness and community involvement. We’re pretty excited about it! If you’re responsible for running your company’s workplace giving program here’s why you should be too…

In this post, we’ll explore the benefits for businesses utilizing a federation to deliver more strategic and impactful workplace giving, volunteering and health and wellness programs, that complement a company’s employee engagement strategy.

The Role of a Federation

What’s a federation you say? Well, we’re glad you asked! Federations refer to organizations, such as Community Health Charities of America, that represent and unite groups of member charities around a common area of societal focus, such as health and wellness.

The benefits for charities are pretty obvious… nonprofits often join federations to help promote themselves to donors and save money on marketing and fund raising, effectively reaching more individuals than they could on their own.

For employers, federations evaluate member charities, ensuring donors are presented with options that meet the highest standards of performance, ethics and financial accountability. Efficiently managing resources and funds is fantastic (for everyone) but the real benefits to companies are the resources federations have to offer. Federations act as a liaison between a group of charities and donors--in the case of workplace giving, businesses and their employees. Federations can offer resources to make workplace giving campaigns and volunteering opportunities easier and more effective. Through access to best practices, a direct link to volunteer opportunities, and experienced and trained staff to help assist in campaign management, federations can support companies in their quest to be responsive to their employees’ charitable interests.

Content = Participation

Even though the potential business and social impact is great, companies – even very large ones – have limited resources to create and execute employee programs. Federations, such as Community Health Charities of America, provide engaging and relevant content directly from recognized charities, making it easy for companies to effectively promote causes and engage their employees more deeply in philanthropy. By relating employees’ donations directly back to issues that have personal meaning for them and focusing on popular pillars, such as health and wellness, federations help to support increased participation and impact in workplace giving programs. In the case of Community Health Charities of America, health and wellness is something that touches everyone at some point in time. By providing companies with the tools to create impactful campaigns around health and wellness, they help to increase user participation and engagement and create a strong culture of giving.

For example, just a few weeks ago, Community Health Charities of America invited its campaign partners and their employees to participate in a webinar that provided parents with insight and tips on how to address bullying and peer pressure with their children. Community Health Charities of America partnered with its member charity, Mental Health America, to address the timely topic. More than 1200 employees from dozens of companies across the USA maxed out the webinar system’s capacity, proving that good content engages.


For more information, check out Benevity’s press release detailing our unique partnership with Community Health Charities of America.


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