How Can Sustainability Help Create a Brand that Differentiates and Avoids Greenwashing?

Jun 20, 2011 1:00 PM ET

The Natural Step Blog – a Business Communiqué by Sarah Brooks and Pong Leung

We are often asked to provide our thoughts and reflections on the growing connection between sustainability and an organization’s reputation and brand. In a recent survey of CEOs (the largest of its kind) entitled “A New Era of Sustainability” and released by the United Nations Global Compact on sustainability, CEOs ranked “brand trust and reputation” as the top reason to take action on sustainability. However, while many organizations realize the reputational and brand differentiation potential of taking meaningful steps towards sustainability, they are also increasingly (and justifiably) wary of public scrutiny and the accusation of “greenwashing."

The question is: How can sustainability help you create a brand that differentiates and avoids greenwashing?

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