H&M is on Top of Sustainability in the Netherlands

H&M is on Top of Sustainability in the Netherlands

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 10:15am

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H&M is ranked the “Most sustainable fashion retailer in the Netherlands” by the Dutch consumer organisation Rank a Brand and is awarded with its “Fashion chain Award 2013”. Out of 27 fashion retailers in the Netherlands H&M is number one. The award gives H&M the predicate ‘well on the way in sustainability’.

“At H&M we are of course very happy about the acknowledgement, says Helena Helmersson, Head of Sustainability at H&M. “We work hard every day to make our products, our company and our industry more sustainable. While there is more to do, this ranking proves that we are on the right path and makes these efforts transparent and accessible to consumers.”

H&M have accomplished more of the listed criteria than any other fashion retailer in the study. And in particular Rank a Brand is satisfied with the publication of H&M’s supplier list which serves to improve transparency in the fashion industry. Additionally it is important for H&M to incentivise the suppliers to take ownership over their sustainability and recognize the progress they are making. Other highlights recognized by Rank a Brand are H&M’s efforts to limit the usage of chrome and chemicals as well as CO2 emission and energy use policies.

“When it comes to the people and environment where the clothes are made, H&M takes its responsibility as a market leader, and inspires other brands to follow says Niels Oskam, founder of Rank a Brand. “For example, H&M is the first clothing retailer that has published its list of suppliers; this is a big step in transparency. The sustainability policies of H&M are getting more ambitious each year. We'll keep monitoring H&M and the fashion industry and look forward to see the next steps towards a truly fair and sustainable production chain."

For more information about the award please visit Rank a Brand's blog (Written in Dutch)

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