How H&M Will Become a Tastemaker for Sustainable Fashion

by Kate Harrison
Jul 12, 2016 8:55 AM ET
Conscious Exclusive 2016 (Image: H&M)

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In April, H&M hosted a sustainability event at their London showroom. At the reception, they shared the company’s latest sustainability report and the major findings from their sustainability work in 2015. 

H&M is developing a new sustainability strategy with a focus on the circular economy. For the sustainability event, H&M brought together leading innovators and experts with differing perspectives on circularity. Their goal was “to help to set the benchmark not only for the brand, but for the entire fashion industry and beyond.”

The following is an excerpt of the interview with Anna Gedda, Head of Sustainability at H&M, for Forbes:

Kate L. Harrison: What inspired H&M to take this step?

Anna Gedda: Our customers are showing growing interest in the issues around sustainability. Therefore, we see this new focus as investing in and further strengthening our customer offerings. Investing in sustainability means investing in H&M’s future as a brand.

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