Helping Customers Make Informed Paper Choices

On the frontlines of sustainable business with EarthChoice Advisory Services
May 17, 2013 9:00 AM ET

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By Drew Tremblay, Sustainable Business Advisor

How do companies make the right choices? Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Domtar has a solution: EarthChoice Advisory Services. As a Domtar Sustainable Business Advisor, I help Domtar’s corporate customers make sustainable choices related to their paper use.

The world is changing, and not only is the environment top of mind for consumers, but also for businesses. Companies don’t want marketing slogans that cannot be backed up. They want to be transparent and make sound business, social and environmental choices. These choices are not only important for the manufacturing of products but for every area of the business. Choosing sustainable paper options is one small decision that can have a huge impact.

When I begin working with corporate customers, I start by understanding their business and engaging with the sustainability departments. That helps me to come up with a tailored approach for advising them on making responsible choices within the company – especially as they focus on their paper procurement policy. Many individuals aren’t aware of all the positive environmental stories that the North American paper industry can tell, so I make sure to educate them on forestry, paper making, green energy, and industry engagement with environmental groups. We often hold lunch-and-learns, webinars, mill tours, and forest tours to give their employees a better understanding of how smart paper choices can have a big impact on the environment. We also make sure to focus on how to use and dispose of paper wisely.

I’m proud to help Domtar empower our corporate customers to make the best decisions for their business and for the environment. The products we produce have surpassed industry standards and expectations for decades; it’s truly a joy to share my knowledge and help customers evolve into environmentally responsible businesses. We are their strategic resource.

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