Guided by Wonder: A Reflection on the Stewardship of Creation

Aligning Investing with Stewardship
Feb 14, 2024 10:00 AM ET

by Chris Meyer, Stewardship Investing Advocacy and Research Manager for Praxis Mutual Funds and Everence Financial

Over the winter, Chris took a moment to reflect on his passion for Creation care – on behalf of Praxis Funds and his own family. By day, Chris leads the corporate engagement program for Praxis, seeking positive, mutually beneficial change for the planet, people, and companies we all rely on. By night, Chris and his family live in a home they built off the grid, with lumber from their property in the hills of eastern Ohio. He enjoys growing much of their own food, hunting game in the surrounding woods, and even cleaning the snow off their solar array on frigid winter days so his lights and wireless internet will work. His words in this article remind us how much we all have invested in caring for Creation – and how rarely we stop to bask in its glory.

When we integrate a Stewardship ethic into our approach to economics, it can have a powerful influence on the world. Perhaps if we view nature as an essential part of God’s Creation worthy of its own existence, rather than simply as a commodity to be exploited for human gain, we can develop a more holistic stewardship approach. When we reduce the natural world to simple inputs for our economies or assets on the balance sheet – or even impediments and obstacles to overcome – we’re selling Creation short. Alternatively, a deep appreciation for our environment encourages a long-term outlook over short-term profits or growth at all costs. It fosters a sense of our interdependence with nature.

At Praxis Mutual Funds, we believe the natural environment is a finite resource, the inheritance of future generations, and a gift from God. Our role is to be stewards of God’s Creation, not just consumers of it. We believe that human flourishing requires thriving ecosystems. This perspective infuses our embrace of impact strategies from company engagement to impact bonds to community development investments. We’re working toward a sustainable planet where our heirs can enjoy the magnificence of Creation and businesses operate profitably without diminishing the earth.

I keep this in mind as I engage companies, as a shareholder representative, on a range of Creation care issues. We embrace our own ecosystem – working together with environmental advocates, corporate leaders, local communities, other investors, and research partners – seeking a more sustainable future for all.

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