Griffith Foods | 2020 Sustainability Report

Griffith Foods | 2020 Sustainability Report

Monday, August 9, 2021 - 1:40pm


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We're excited to share our 2020 Sustainability Report!

"I’m so encouraged by our progress in creating a Sustainability Plan that gives new depth of focus, structure and discipline to accelerating Griffith Foods as a 'vehicle for greater good.' Thank you for your partnership in this journey, as we work together to realize the full transformative potential of our business," said Brian Griffith, Executive Chair of Griffith Foods.
In this report, you'll find a comprehensive analysis of where we are now and new priority areas with goals and targets, based on a materiality assessment and extensive internal engagement from every part of our business. From this process, we developed a Sustainability Plan for the next 10 years that will guide and inform future business initiatives, plans and decisions.

Click here to view the Griffith Foods Sustainability Report