GreenMoney’s Annual Videos Issue on Sustainable Business, Impact Investing and Environmental Sustainability

May 20, 2020 11:05 AM ET

GreenMoney's annual Videos Issue

Welcome to GreenMoney's 5th Annual Videos Issue. We have curated a collection of beautiful, interesting and impactful films featuring a variety of innovators from the interconnected worlds of Impact Investing, Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability. We think you’ll find them as engaging as we do. All here - 

The Videos include:

The Promise of Biomimicry 
The Biomimicry Institute’s new film that introduces biomimicry as a way of living for everyday people and as a pathway for design inspired by nature. Co-founder Janine Benyus walks us through the emerging discipline that takes wisdom from the natural world to transform it into human design. Up-and-coming companies share their vision and inspiration, and viewers are poised to ask how nature would solve a problem.

Growing Something Greater - Healthy Children, Schools and Communities
Stephen Ritz is an educator in the South Bronx, where he takes a “whole school” approach to education, rooted in health, wellness and mindfulness. In the poorest Congressional district in America, healthy, fresh food is not always available, he teaches students about growing and preparing their own vegetables in school farms. “Of all the crops I’ve grown,” he says, “my greatest crops have been my students themselves.”  

Pollinators Under Pressure
This film looks at the plight of pollinators around the world and the actions we can all take to ensure their survival, and that of humans and ecosystems everywhere. Narrated by actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio, this short film features expert voices and diverse points of view from representatives of federal agencies, NGOs, and youth who are working in communities to help residents understand the impact of everyday actions on pollinators and their habitats. 

Terry Tempest Williams – Erosion 
Wind, water, and time are agents of erosion evident in the desert. They have shaped the spectacular physical landscape of our nation from the Great Smokies to the Grand Canyon. But Terry Tempest Williams is also seeing another kind of erosion in America: erosion of democracy; erosion of science, decency, compassion, and trust. “What if our undoing leads us to our becoming? We are eroding and evolving, at once.” 
Treeline - A Story Written in Rings 
Quietly, patiently, trees endure. They are the oldest living beings we come to know during our time on earth, living bridges into our planet’s expansive past. This Patagonia film celebrates the forests on which our species has always depended—and around which some skiers and snowboarders etch their entire lives. Follow a group of snow-seekers, scientists and healers as they explore the birch forests of Japan, the redcedars of BC and the bristlecones of Nevada. 

Paul Hawken – Drawdown 
The visionary goal of Project Drawdown, founded by Paul Hawken, is to actually reverse global warming by drawing carbon out of the atmosphere back down to pre-industrial levels. All the practices and technologies documented in Paul’s best-selling "Drawdown" book are already commonly available, economically viable, and scientifically valid. Doing what’s right for the climate means doing the right thing across the board while creating abundant, meaningful jobs and a vibrant green economy. 

Other Videos include

  • Saving the World’s Coral Reefs, One Virtual Dive at a Time
  • Solar for All – clean energy project in Washington, DC
  • Temple Grandin - Understanding All Kinds of Minds
  • Luxembourg - At the Heart of Sustainable Finance

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