GreenMoney - The Special 100th Issue

Ten Noteworthy Articles
Dec 4, 2014 7:10 AM ET

GreenMoney – Inside the Special 100th Issue

Welcome to the 100th issue of GreenMoney Journal. This special December 2014 edition includes many noteworthy articles and reader favorites from the past. See the list below and click on the link at the end of the list to read their complete articles - Philippe Cousteau / Donna Katzin and Nelson Mandela / Ray Anderson / Amy Domini / Holly Mosher and Muhammad Yunus / Joe Keefe / Gary Hirshberg / Liesel Pritzker Simmons / John Roulac / Megan Epler Wood. Link to access all 10 articles -

We began publishing GreenMoney in 1992 with the intention of encouraging and helping people spend and invest with personal integrity. That mission continues today.

We are a “solutions-focused” journal, telling the stories of companies that deal in ethical products, treat employees well, and help create a better, more livable world now and for the future. The Companies we cover support life with quality products, without endangering clean water, fresh air and a healthy food supply.

Reflecting back for this 100th issue - we’ve covered topics that include sustainable impact investing, responsible business, fair trade, shareholder activism, community banking, renewable energy, organic agriculture, and affordable housing, just to name a few.

The recent midterm elections prove once again that voting matters. And beyond the ballot box, whether you’re politically left, right or, like me, center, how and where you invest matters greatly. We ask our readers and ourselves, what is your “profit” motive? Which business activities and companies will you choose to profit from and which will you avoid? It’s time to become more conscious about money and how it affects the world – because every dollar we spend or invest has impact.

To meet the increasing demand for information on Impact Investing and Sustainable Business, GreenMoney is now a monthly eJournal that reaches well over 25,000 readers, – yes, quite different than the quarterly print newsletter that reached 10,000 subscribers for our first 20 years.

GreenMoney's planning is well underway for 2015, but if there is an issue or a company you’d like us to look at, please let us know. Highlights of the year ahead include special issues on Water in March, Women & Investing in April and a first time focus on Native Americans in SRI (Sustainable Responsible Impact Investing) next August. The writers for each of these issues are among the top leaders in their fields.

Long time GreenMoney editor Ted Ketcham and I appreciate the efforts from all of those who make GreenMoney work, including you the readers, our writers, our advertisers/sponsors and especially our design teams.

Before we move on, I have a request: please forward these special articles to your friends and colleagues. And sign up at no cost for the monthly eJournal in the top right corner of our home page at-

Thank you. Here’s to the next 100.

- Cliff Feigenbaum, founder / publisher,