Green Training for Green Businesses

Feb 18, 2011 8:00 AM ET

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) February 18, 2011 - No serious program will succeed without information and support.  Too often, a form of proxy Green exists where environmental concerns are shifted others and forgotten.  To have a Green program in the company requires broad participation and continued improvement.  Remember, we did not get into the environmental problem in a day, and it is estimated that it will take 3-5 years for a company to mature into a Green operation.

We strongly suggest that companies install this training in the order as follows:

Certified Sustainability Officer: Your appointed Green officer is often ill-equipped to carry out the task of assessing the company and preparing a sustainability report that will guide the company forward.  This course is available online, through local GBL consultants, and in various college programs.  More information ...

Green Executive/Manager Training: Capturing the vision and elements for a Green program is not an automatic process.  This training course provides a text and online videos that will prepare those in administrative or managerial positions to better lead in the key areas of Green and sustainable programs for the company.  More Information ...

Green Purchasing Training: Those making purchases for the company actually help or hinder the environmental program of the business.  This course is offered online and through a local Green consultant in text and video form.  Most find this a very valuable course.  Price $250/person

Green Awareness Training for employees: Getting everyone on the same page is part of the success formula.  This course can be taken individually, but it is suggested that the course will be most effective by arranging for a live class for employees to attend.  Time required 90-180 minutes.

The Rational Approach
It is possible to hire in an environmental consulting firm, but the cost and complexity can be more than daunting.  One of the reasons that environmental programs find resistance is fees of $25,000, $50,000, or much more.  This is compounded by the "One Time Fix" process that leaves the company to follow these outside dictates.

We believe that the solution can be better accomplished internally. In accord with Executive Order #13514, signed by President Obama in the fall of 2009; the installation of a Green or sustainability officer is critical.  The development of a sustainability plan is the next practical step, but this plan will require a collective team approach.  Therefore, the cost and convenience of our courses will make any environmental plan far more effective than what will be found through an outside consulting firm.

Therefore, we have a roadmap for an affordable and effective Green program for your business.  The first and most important step is the appointment of a Green officer who should go through the Certified Sustainability Officer training as soon as possible.

The second step is to lay out a year-long plan for the improvement of the company's environmental program.  It is here that your comapny can make best use of the Green Path Assessment software.  This way costs for improvements can be measured, and savings realized as progress is made.

Part of this second step is further educating the management, purchasers, and employees of the company so that the vision and concepts are a shared goal.

Finally, your progress will hit a milestone of achievement that should be independently verified and documented.  This third step is the certification of your Green business.  Once certified by a verification audit, your Green Business League Green business certification will be a source of pride for your company as well as an assurance for public trust in your environmental commitment.



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