The Green Guide to Make Your Business Green

Jan 11, 2011 10:00 AM ET

Green Path Guide

The Green Business League has been helping businesses “Go Green” for the last 6 years, and our goal is to have every company implement some aspect of green within their day to day business practices.  Most business owners think that it is difficult and expensive to have an authentically green company, but that is simply not true.  We have recently developed free software that will help companies see how "Green" they really are, and it also will help them to become a certified green business.  The Green Path Software that the Green Business League has created is very intuitive, and it lets businesses take an assessment to see how Green they actually are.

Each month, all Green Path Software participants will recieve helpful emails from the Green Path Guide website.  This website is like a blog because it gives helpful tips for companies that are trying to become more environmentally friendly. Rather than cover everything in a lengthy email, we have provided the information on this website.  So, the email updates are an extension of what we provide at the Green Path Guide website.  This allows the participant to selectively review information that applies to their business type.  This is not a news website, but a resource site.  You can dig deeper into the subjects that interest you most and find information not readily found elsewhere.

We archive all the information so, by referencing the Archive section in the sidebar, newer participants can catch up on what has already been offered to others.  No one needs to be left out.

You can comment and offer your ideas as well.  As long as your information is in sync with our mission of mutual education and idea sharing, your posts will be read by others.  With 100,000 readers, you can imagine how powerful this website can be to a multitude of people.  Please offer solutions and tips rather than selling your company.  We do remove inappropriate comments.

We believe that Going Green is an ongoing process rather than a one-time effort.  That is why the Green Path point system is so fundamental to this process.  While there are many ideas for a more environmentally-friendly business, they must be practiced and valuable to the overall progress of a company.  Therefore, we intend that this website will be a resource for businesses dedicated to the growth a a truly Green and sustainable operation. The Green Business League can help any company be certified Green.


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