Green Executive Training

Mar 1, 2011 10:00 AM ET

Those involved in the leadership and management of the company need what might be termed an "Executive Summary" of a Green business operation.  There are many things to know, but these elements do not require a return to college for a semester.  The Green Executive Training provides the best information source for business executives who want to get their arms around the environmental program for the company.

Green Executive Training

This course is also very affordable at $295 and can be taken at your own pace.  We have detailed the whole course for you on the referenced page.  In fact, because this is something for executives and managers; there is a discount price for putting your key people through the program.

Once you have studied through the material, an online exam is provided that will complete the certification cycle.  The program is very effective and will orient the leadership on the critical issues that every Green business must understand.

This course is a strong compliment to the Certified Sustainability Officer course that will train a Green officer (in-house) to work with your company to develop a tailored and sound sustainability plan.

Training is critical to the success of the environmental program.  We suggest that the Green Executive  is a great starting point.  The next step would be the training of your appointed Green officer as a Certified Sustainability Officer.  You will find other Green training for your staff.


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