Green Equalization Vs. Green Certification

Feb 8, 2010 9:00 AM ET

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) Plainfield, IL - February 8, 2010 - Everyone is Going Green, right?  It is a popular trend that has legs so every business is eagerly searching for some way to link the the Green revolution.  The obvious problem is that there is no criteria for what makes a business Green, so frankly anything works.  It will not be long until we reach what is called the "Green Equalization," and that means that everyone will claim to be Green.

Green claims could be as simple as installing CFL bulbs and putting in a recycling set of trash cans in the office.  For others, they might have bought carbon credits.  Another company may buy recycled paper for the copier.  Maybe, they will encourage their employees to carpool.  Essentially, since there is no criteria, businesses can claim to be Green if they gave money to a charity that works to save the polar bears.  In fact, these Green pretenders are not Green although they claim is loudly to their customers.

Although no one approves of Greenwashing, it is one of the most popular practices in the country.  Surveys show that more than 95% of all Green products on the shelves are over-hyped concerning Green claims.  The same is true of the majority of firms that presently promote themselves as Green.  Frankly, most businesses wouldn't pass a mild Green test although they would appear to be authentically Green.

So, what would make a company authentically Green?  Well, it takes more than a few Green ideas rudely shoved in place to impress the gullible public.  The Green Business League suggests that it takes 100 points accumulated by Green Practices honestly put into place by the business.  This means that there is a standard for Green and a way to prove certification through accomplishment.  Using a broad array of Green practices with assigned point value, the process may be unique for each business, but still requires that everyone achieve a standard of performance that can be audited and certified.

Green business certification is not a self-promotion or self-assertion.   It is something that should come from an authoritative, third-party authority.  To be honestly certified compared to self-assessed id like the brilliance of the moon against a multitude of minuscule stars.  There is no comparison when the difference is so striking.

Greenwashing seems even worse when the world faces such environmental challenges.  Like draining a lake with a thimble, Green pretense is a mockery of a nightmare of events that can ruin our society.  The crisis nature of this problem is made worse by the fact that most Green promotions are superficial and moderately meaningless.  

It is highly recommended that any company wishing to earn its Green business certification seek out the assistance of a Certified Green Consultant.  A Certified Green Consultant is well versed in the variety of issues faced by businesses of all types.  This is not for amateurs.  The subject matter is broad and diverse.  Instead of a few shallow ideas, there are very practical and effective concepts that make a notable difference in the business operation.

Certification is an achievement that allows the business to honestly make an honest claim as a Green business.   It means that a company has taken on the challenge, measured up to a recognized standard, and has a proven record of achievement.   This record is more than empty claim, but one that can be validated and verified.  There is a loyal public that will travel an extra mile and pay an extra dollar for a Green service or product.  This loyalty can be exploited by businesses that care more about attracting business than the veracity of its marketing claims.  This sets up the problem that the public faces every day.  "How do we know if the company is Green or mostly Greenwashed?"  By the way, once Greenwashing is found, that clientele is not likely to ever trust that business ever again.

Finally, businesses need to avoid a type of Greenwashing that is offered to businesses looking for Green certification.  Internet websites are popping up weekly offering to provide their logo for a fee and a weak promise to apply Green practices.  Buying a logo off the Internet is like Cyber sex.  It isn't real, and it isn't right.  Don't waste your money on something that will eventually prove to be an embarrassment later on.  Certification of a Green Business should be done professionally and honestly.  Working with a Certified Green Consultant seems the smart way to earn a Green business certification that will never embarrass your business.

The Green Business League has the largest national team of Certified Green Consultants assisting businesses everywhere to earn their Green Business Certification.


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