Green Entrepreneurs Opportunity

Dec 8, 2010 10:00 AM ET

Green Business Views

It isn’t often that one of those perfect moments happen in business, but they do happen.  The Green Business League has grown to a level of international respect and is seeking leadership type people to develop the new GBL agency program.  With more than 350 Green consultants throughout the United States and various countries, the design is now to organize into local offices to take on the looming challenge of 30 million businesses badly in need of professional guidance.

Green consulting may not a new, but it is in the early stages of development.  The Green Business League is one of the most credible organizations in this arena, offering the solution that is perfectly designed for this market.  While names like LEED and ISO well known, their market penetration is grossly lacking.  The ability to serve businesses of all types and sizes is where the bulk of the work is needed, but the expensive and complicated solutions can’t get the job done.

The Green Business League is ready for a quantum leap forward as it launches the extraordinary Green Path Assessment online service.  Finally, thousands and tens of thousands of businesses can become credibly engaged in the Greening of their program.  In light of what appears to be a major innovation bases upon the success already enjoyed by Green Business League, this program can literally spread like wildfire because it is offered free of charge and is intuitive in nature.

Getting started into a Green and sustainable program, however, is not the total requirement to be transparent, credible, and highly effective.  The ongoing need of businesses require the assistance and support of a powerful and ongoing support team.  This is where the demand for GBL agencies will be required as thousands upon thousands take the first important step into an environmental program.

Plans are for a introduction and training program in Miami, FL on January 14-15, 2011.  Those that will be invited to this invitation-only event are strong leadership talents, a business mentality, and a willingness to dominate an industry.  Resumes are required for those who plan to attend, and experience is incredibly valuable.  To learn more, go to THIS LINK.

So, are your THAT PERSON?  A person whose vision of the future is not dimmed by the challenge it takes to succeed.  Someone who can build a team that will catapult your future and your income.  We can teach you the environmental issues and the business model, but we cannot teach leadership and success.  That is what you will bring to the table.  The Green Business League is seeking people with a burning passion to capture the “Next Big, Green Thing.”  If your vision is matched by your heart, plan to attend.


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