Green Business Network Reports: FedEx and GE Release 2010 CSR Reports

Sep 2, 2011 3:30 PM ET

FedEx and GE Release 2010 CSR Reports

Major global corporations FedEx and GE released their 2010 CSR reports. GE’s report is structured around discussions of the company’s plans for long-term value creation in addressing the world's most pressing problems.  FedEx highlighted diverse clean energy, recycling, and emissions reduction efforts, and humanitarian aid work.

GE’s seventh annual Citizenship Report includes a ten-year retrospective and priority matrix, and addresses GE’s intentions in global leadership for issues such as energy and climate, water scarcity, resource depletion, and human rights. The company intends to continue drawing power from coal, nuclear, and gas as well as clean energy sources, while also investing in smart grid development and energy efficient appliances.   Sam Nunn, chairman of the GE Board of Directors Public Responsibilities Committee, said, "As an important part of our accountability process, this report is about specific issues of interest to stakeholders. It is also about how GE's products, services, and investments address global imperatives in a way that sustains growth and long-term value. I hope that those who read this report will recognize GE's commitment and effort, test our thinking, and work with us as we continue on this important journey."


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Citizenship at GE is more than a program or a set of good intentions - it is a full-time commitment built upon cultural behaviors and actions. These actions are integrated with business strategy and have defined goals, strategies and metrics that make it actionable and accountable.