The Green Business League Is Looking For Green Entrepreneurs For The 2011 Year

Oct 1, 2010 12:05 PM ET

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) October 1, 2010 - The Next Big, Green Thing is here; but the leadership is quite honestly lacking.  As the Green industry readies for a massive leap forward, a helter-skelter group of Green wanna-bes are hoping to latch on to a market that everyone knows is reaching critical mass.

The Green Business League started its earliest efforts in early 2005, and now has built a brand and a reputation that is the perfect stepping off point for those with the gumption to make this work in their community. In the midst of environmental confusion and many mixed signals, it is time to literally “seize the day.”  Therefore, we are preparing to launch a nationwide program that has already been tested, earned its stripes, and has a game plan that will capture the community in a way that you cannot imagine.

Experience has taught us that lone consultants do not have the strength or staying power to succeed, but this market is vital and growing.   Therefore, it is our decision to place strong people into areas where a “Team Spirit” can be engendered, and the community vitally will be influenced. We have established an easy-to-join organization to provide a neutral ground for crossing into any area of Green development.  The whole Certified Sustainability Officer program will be moved over to The Sustainable Forum.  You should know that by setting up a chapter of The Sustainable Forum, you have a major opportunity to engage every kind of business in your community.

But, let’s get back to the opportunity.  We are seeking to consolidate our program through a highly-effective group of team leaders.  All business in an area should be guided through a system that is well-managed, carefully marketed, and enjoys a flow of readily business from our corporate connections.  We must be the system that businesses use to Go Green. The HIGHEST CRITERIA for leadership is what we seek in assigning GBL Agencies and placement of The Sustainable Forum in an area.  You will find that we seek people of character and strength that we can build a literal dynasty around.

When considering the option of developing a GBL agency, we are not accepting all candidates.  Therefore, consider these characteristics important to the acquisition of a GBL Chapter:

  1. Leadership Qualities

  2. Experience in Business

  3. Business Credibility in the Community

  4. Rain Maker that can Make Business Happen

  5. Organizer that can Motivate Your Team

Essentially, we are looking for those who possess a rare skill set that makes them a success just waiting for the next awesome project.

We placed a fee on this project for a very important reason.  First of all, we wanted to scare off the players.  Secondly, we want people with “Skin in the Game” and something to lose if they don’t take the opportunity seriously.  Thirdly, we plan to spend a lot of money to drive success into your laps.

Agency Fees start at $10,000 and go as high as $25,000
If you want this opportunity, there is no sense in making the price a mystery.  If you are offered an area, you will protect the area by producing business. To maximize your impact, you will first develop your Green Team (Sales Team) of the best people possible.  Using our program of community outreach, these dedicated Certified Green Consultants will be the key to agency success. The development of a second tier of Certified Sustainability Officers is the second tier of business development through a network called, The Sustainable Forum.  For more information about this agency development contact the Green Business League or MJ Richmond at or (815)-609-4546


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