Great Opportunities for a Green Career

Mar 17, 2011 11:00 AM ET

(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) March 17, 2011 - The Green Business League has come out with a new and unique assessment and marketing software that is exploding in the Business world.  Many companies are trying to figure out how they can become sustainable.  One reason that companies are “Going Green” is because of rising energy prices.  Other companies see Green compliance as a marketing strategy to create a positive public image.  Like most companies, they have no idea what Green is or how to achieve a credible certification.  The Green Business League has made it easy to develop a Green business program that has credibility in the market.

Any consulting business depends on the ability to market the program and create a stream of good customers.  With 27 million businesses in America at this time, there is a lot of pressure on businesses who have yet to transition to a Green program.  So, there is a market for Green consulting.  However, reaching that market requires a workable tool that keeps a Green consultant active.

The introduction of the Green Path software is a powerful new innovation that can be used in any community to bring hundreds businesses to the Green program.  The offer of free software to the community allows businesses to sign up with no barriers.  These people have demonstrated that they are interested in Going Green, but will require the assistance of a Green Consultant to earn their certification.

This burgeoning market is fertile soil for aspiring Green consultants.  The biggest issue of finding and developing a substantial client list is not an issue when the Green Path software is being used.  Every community has hundreds and thousands of businesses that need to Go Green, but lack the time or money to take action. 

The Green Business League is now seeking the Green entrepreneurs to address this emerging market.  Training classes are three days in length and designed to prepare qualified people for an exciting career as a Certified Green Consultant.


CHICAGO, IL on Mar 24-26, 2011

LOS ANGELES, CA on May 26-28

MIAMI, FL on Jun 16-18

This is a career commitment, not a desk job.  As a GBL Certified Green Consultant, we teach you to reach civic leaders, help establish policy, challenge the community, and build a network of thriving Green businesses. Developing Green businesses across the country is an important project that will reduce carbon emissions, decrease energy consumption, and alleviate the land fill problems that we currently face. Green consultants are needed to work in each city under this program.

In the belief that the vast majority of people are well-meaning but ill-informed about how to “Go Green”, there is a urgent and growing need for professional Green consultants to work with homes, schools, businesses, and organizations.  This is both the duty and calling of a Certified Green Consultant.  The world needs people committed to making a difference, but they must be willing to start in their community.

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