The Gold Janitorial Firm Certification

Making Cleaning Companies Green Across America
Jan 29, 2010 9:00 AM ET

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) January 29, 2010 - Green Cleaning is a health issue that has broader implications for the world at large.  This is not an OJT issue like how to mop a floor or clean a commode.  Your business involves what they call Green Practices that require that your staff be trained and certified for public confidence in the professionalism of your company.

Green Clean Institute Certified is a validation of your company's commitment to offer Green services.  Why pretend to be a Green janitorial service when you can easily qualify your company and get national recognition as a GCI certified firm.  Dun & Bradstreet now lists all Green Clean Institute certified firms under their Green Company listing!

Some firms feel that it is enough to claim Green status by self-appointment or by virtue of a few Green products on their cleaning carts.  "Greenwashing" refers to the desire to claim a Green quality without the credibility of training, peer-review, or certification.  Firms that have participated in the Green Clean Institute Certified™ program have proven their dedication to Green and provided for the integration of Green training throughout their operation.

Consider the growing pressure in the marketplace for businesses to "Go Green."  These firms are looking for more than self-appointed firms who may, or may not, use Green products.  Green Businesses want trained and certified janitorial firms that bring a recognizable Green service to their program.  As cities strive to become Green Cities, you are going to see more and more firms asking for Green credentials from their service providers.  There is no better credential than Green Clean Institute Certified™ for your janitorial service.

The Green Edge means that you have the ability to impress potential and existing customers with a powerful credential that the others lack.  Green Clean Institute has numerous reports that the inclusion of a GCI Firm certification in the bids process has brought the business to these Green certified janitorial services.  What is the value of one, two, or more successful bids to your company?  Can you afford to watch a great account go to the competition who is Green Clean Institute certified.  You know, Green certification will never be as affordable as it is right now, and it will be an issue in more and more bids.  Don't be a Green pretender.  Get Green Clean Institute Certified™ today.

The Green Clean Institute, Inc. is recognized as a national authority throughout the nation.  We have help over 2,500 companies Go Green, and even though we are not a government organization we do work closely with them on developing there Green programs.  Green Clean Institute is just as credible as LEED and Green Seal and in fact we have a friendly relationship with those organizations.  When it comes to being educated and certified as a Green Janitorial Firm or cleaning company the Green Clean Institute is the best option.

Large and progressive firms should step up a higher level of Green compliance and show that Green is a serious effort in the organization.  The new GCI Gold Firm Certification provides for unlimited training of your employees, and includes a marketing package that will saturate the Internet with your firm's information.  In addition to the normal downloadable training, GCI will provide a Green Janitorial Checklist of the critical elements for a full-fledged Green janitorial service.  Along with the training, your firm will be able to validate that the ideas we have taught are at work in your company.

This is a higher level of compliance, and will we validate each and every Gold certification with a friendly visit from a Certified Green Consultant.  By the way, you should get to know this person since they can also introduce your business to other area Green businesses. In addition to the unlimited training option, and the Green Janitorial Checklist, our program offers a Internet marketing program valued at more the $3000.  Yet, the price is $3000 is all this program costs.

The combination of Gold certification, the Green Janitorial Checklist, and our intense marketing package makes this offering the very best option for any janitorial service seeking to ramp up its reputation and customer appeal.  Remember that Going Green starts with the Indoor Air Quality, and that brings every business back to the cleaning service.  This is inevitable.  Being Green certified as a janitorial service will soon be an industry mandate.

Franchise Option: If you are franchising your janitorial program, the fee is still $3000.  Once in the program, all franchisees can get their certification for just $400.   The marketing package is reserved for the franchise company.  Franchisees are listed on the GBL website, have use of the GCIC logo, and share in promotional announcements.  Now your franchisees can get added value from your corporate value.  Obviously, each franchisee must qualify in our system, but the value of your system is greatly increased.


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