GoDaddy’s Love & Business Series: Harp Vision

Feb 28, 2024 10:00 AM ET

As originally published by GoDaddy on Instagram.

There’s love in the air and GoDaddy is celebrating couples who brave the adventure of running a business together.

GoDaddy chatted to the Harpers, the couple behind Harp Vision, a Black-owned social enterprise offering natural, luxury self-care products.

Here’s a glimpse into how Tyron and April Harper navigate the grand adventure of being both business partners and a match made in heaven.

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How do you ensure that your relationship as a couple is nurtured independently of the business?

Tyron: I guess, our love language is experiences. I don’t know if that is a love language, but it’s not gifting anymore. It’s spending time – working on us.

How do you help each other during stressful times?

April: We have a collaborative that we are part of; it’s a community of different business owners from different states. We get together and talk about our goals and our wellbeing and things like that – they hold us accountable outside of ‘us.’

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