GM Adds EV Outlets to Headquarters

GM is making it easier for employees to plug in at the Renaissance Center.
Dec 16, 2014 3:10 PM ET


Are you a Chevrolet Volt or Cadillac ELR owner?  Are you considering purchasing an electric vehicle?  GM is making it easier for employees to plug in at the Renaissance Center.

GM is installing 23 new 120V charging outlets at its headquarters, bringing the company-wide total to nearly 500 charge stations installed in the last four years at 45 GM sites across the country.  The addition of the new charging outlets raises the total number of EV charge stations in Michigan to nearly 300.

The new EV charging outlets will be installed and added to existing stations in the Beaubien Place parking garage, the Millender Center parking garage, and the River East parking garage, all located in Detroit. These outlets will also complement the two iconic EV charging stations located right in front of the Renaissance Center.

EV owners can charge their vehicle while they work, maximizing EV range, but should be sure to follow proper charging etiquette.

With more EV charging stations available, this will greatly benefit those driving electric vehicles.

“Putting charging stations at a place of work is arguably the best way to raise EV awareness with consumers and grow the market,” said Britta Gross, director of GM advanced vehicle commercialization policy.

With a goal of manufacturing 500,000 vehicles globally with some form of electrification annually beginning in 2017, it’s imperative that the infrastructure is in place to support them.

“Employees continue to be our best advocates,” added Gross. “If each one of our global employees reached out to just 2 customers and converted them to one of our electric vehicles, we would reach our goal.”

It’s all part of how GM is transforming transportation and redefining vehicle technology solutions to advance the industry and lessen our impact on the environment.