A Global Events App for Cause

iCause will revolutionize how to find events and engage with non-profits
Feb 8, 2018 8:30 AM ET

February 8, 2018 /3BL Media/ - This week iCause will revolutionize how to find events and engage with non-profits. You can log in now at https://events.icause.com and explore events anywhere in the world.

“iCause is the first and only app that was developed exclusively to place causes at the center of a confusing and overcrowded world of social media. Our mission is to elevate cause engagement to a level that will capture the attention of millions of people who want to make a difference in this world.”  Kevin McAhren, CEO

Wonderfully simple and easy to use, this free app allows you to login via Facebook and connect to events anywhere in the world!  

Easily find millions of events and come together with others in support of humanitarian and environmental efforts. Simply access iCause from any mobile, tablet or desktop. Your location is automatically remembered upon log-in and a city change is easily done in the search bar.   

“iCause is humanizing the marketing experience by offering features like rewards and free nonprofit tools within a global cause community.” Mike Lemire, CSO

Key Features:

  • Search for and find events anywhere
  • Share, favorite, and register for any event
  • Login with Facebook to join your friends
  • Connect with causes and nonprofits

Find events now with iCause: https://events.icause.com

Media Contact:

Contact Name:  Brandy Bright, Director of PR & Media, iCause PBC
Contact Email: brandy.bright@icause.com
Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Disclaimer: iCause PBC is the source of this content.