Getting Our Hands Dirty: What's Next in Sustainable Agriculture

Why Investing in Sustainable Agriculture is Vital to our Health and our Wealth
Jun 14, 2016 10:35 AM ET

What's Next in Sustainable Agriculture

Welcome to the new "Investing in Sustainable Agriculture” issue of the award-winning GreenMoney Journal. The issue feature numerous insightful articles on the current state of and the future of Agriculture. The four top articles are:

• Organic Economics In A World of Industrial Agriculture: Applying the Power of Nature 
by Harn Soper, founder of Sustainable Farm Partners

• Sustainability Through the Kitchen Window of a Coffee Farmer 
by Kenneth Lander, chief sustainability officer and co-founder of Thrive Farmers

• The Ground Game: Taking Land Speculation Out of the Local Food Equation 
by Suzan Erem, president of the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (SILT)

• Spotlight on Women in Organic Farming 
by Claire Mesesan, communications manager of Iroquois Valley Farms 


You will find all of the articles at-