Get a Green Job Grant for a Green Career

Feb 21, 2011 10:00 AM ET

Green Business Views

Several months ago, we reported a grant was made available to encourage the development of Green jobs.  A block of money was allocated to first time students of the Certified Green Consultant program.  We are pleased that this has helped many, but those funds will likely be used over the next couple of months.

The next Certified Green Consultant class will be held in Chicago, IL on March 24-26 and their is another class in Los Angeles, CA May 26-28. It is likely that the fund will be available for those enrolling into this class.  A $500 grant will be applied to anyone applying for this class, but we are limited to 20 people with available funds.

I have attached an application form so that you can capture this valuable benefit.  

This is the same material being taught in Pensacola Community College, Cape Fear Community College, and Miami-Dade College.  The international training firm, New Horizons Learning Centers, is offering our training in select locations.  The veterans administration now seeks to provide this training for returning service men.

Let me point out that the introduction of the new Green Path software is a huge advance for every Green Business League consultant.  We have a program that will literally drive your success to new heights and create a serious income.  This is an emerging career that 27 million American businesses need.  As a Certified Green Consultant, you will have the advantage of serving your community and making a great income as well.

More Information:   or call me, MJ, at the number shown below.


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