GE Transportation Announces $1.3 Million Contribution to United Way

GE Transportation Announces $1.3 Million Contribution to United Way


GE Transportation has recently donated $1.3 million to United Way. The donation includes contributions from GE employees at the Lawrence Park plant and a match of 50% by the GE Foundation to the 2010 United Way campaign. There were fewer donors compared to the year before due to the decrease in staff, however the average per person donation increased. GE Transportation was acknowledged at the United Way Annual Meeting for having the largest workplace campaign increase (in total dollars) over the previous year. GE Transportation led all other Erie businesses with an increase of $60,000.

Friday, May 6, 2011 - 11:30am


GE Transportation recently announced a $1.3 million contribution to United Way. The donation combines employee contributions to the 2010 United Way campaign with a 50% match from the GE Foundation.

Despite lower total employment at the Lawrence Park plant in 2010, employees' total giving increased over the previous year. While there were fewer donors, those who contributed to United Way increased their giving by an average of $50 per person.
"This contribution demonstrates our commitment to supporting our neighbors in the community through challenging times," said GE Transportation President and CEO Lorenzo Simonelli. "In 2010 the needs in the community were great, and GE and its employees wanted to make a difference in people's lives. The needs continue, and so does our willingness to help."
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