GE Report Finds Gas Flaring Wastes 5 Percent of Global Supply

GE Report Finds Gas Flaring Wastes 5 Percent of Global Supply


400 million metric tons of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere every year due to the burning of gas produced during oil drilling. New findings by GE show that nearly $20 billion in wasted natural gas could be used to generate reliable, affordable electricity and yield billions of dollars per year in increased global economic output. This GreenBiz article discusses the report by GE, referencing how the gas emissions vary depending on region and what objectives need to be set to resolve the issue.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 - 4:00pm

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As gas is often present when drilling for oil, gas flaring has been part of the oil industry since its inception. With much work having been done over the last decade, large scale flaring is rare at new drilling projects.

However, some of the largest waste gas streams occur in remote areas where lack of a market, lack of pipeline access, and/or small volumes do not justify the expense of gas gathering.
"With greater global attention and concerted effort- including partnerships, sound policy and innovative technologies -- large-scale gas flaring could be largely eliminated in as little as five years. It's a win-win outcome," said Michael Farina, program manager at GE Energy and author of the white paper.

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