FOX Sports University Gives Students Unique Hands-on Industry Experience

FOX Sports University Gives Students Unique Hands-on Industry Experience

Friday, April 24, 2015 - 7:00am

In 2008, FOX Sports launched FOX Sports University, an academic program that gives college students hands-on experience in the sports business. Participating students work closely with FOX Sports executives on a project in sports management, business, or journalism. The current academic year is the largest yet for the program, which now offers courses at 28 schools across the U.S.

"For the students, [FOX Sports University] is a way for them to get real world experience and an opportunity for them to expand what they're doing at the school," said Chris Hannan, EVP of Communications for FOX Sports, during a recent appearance promoting the program on The Willis Report. "And for us, we've now got some of the youngest, brightest minds working on our properties in all different facets."

By partnering with the country's top universities, FOX Sports University puts students in touch with FOX Sports executives to address a marketing, research, technology, or strategy challenge that the business faces. The executives outline the challenge, and as the course progresses, the students develop their solution, be it an advertising campaign, a marketing strategy, or any number of additional projects.

"Seeing an idea that started in the library come to life and actually be executed and broadcast on air was an experience you can't really get in any other classroom," said Anna Folwell, a graduate of the program who now works at FOX Sports. "We have top-level executives come in and help you craft a campaign that comes from your original idea, and then you get to follow it all the way through."

FOX Sports University plans to expand to 50 colleges and universities over the next several years.

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