Fox Continues Green Production Efforts on Season Two of “Legion,” Reduces the Show’s Carbon Footprint by Nearly 50%

Nov 6, 2018 7:00 AM ET

21st Century Fox Social Impact

As part of 21st Century Fox’s commitment to environmentally sustainable film and television production, the company recently led efforts to green the second season of Legion, Noah Hawley’s FX drama series set in the world of the X-Men. The first season, which premiered in March 2017, had already made strides in this arena, diverting more than 55% of its waste from landfill and avoiding 252 total metric tons of CO2 emissions. The production staff set out to top these numbers in the second season and after five months of shooting, they managed to increase the waste diversion rate to 75% and emit 45% fewer total metric tons of CO2 than during the production of the first season. These achievements comprise efforts by the entire Legion crew and represent another step forward in 21CF’s continued leadership in the green production field.

Legion’s producers drew on 21CF best practices as well as the Green Production Guide, which 21CF co-created alongside other Hollywood studios and the Producers Guild of America. The team implemented a wide-ranging sustainability strategy on day one of pre-production, with every department contributing to goals around waste management, energy efficiency, and sustainable purchasing:

  • Set Construction purchased 95% lauan/meranti plywood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.
  • The production office replaced single-use plastic water bottles with refillable ones, avoiding the use of 26,320 plastic bottles.
  • Set Decoration and Hair & Makeup rented and purchased used items as much as possible.
  • 30% of all paper used on set was made from post-consumer recycled material.
  • The crew piloted new solar charging stations from Solar On Set, a company that manufactures portable WiFi systems combined with solar charging stations for mobile devices.

Early on, Fox made a number of key decisions that proved invaluable to the second season’s sustainability strategy. The production relocated from British Columbia, Canada, to Los Angeles, which significantly reduced the amount of fuel devoted to air travel. The team were also able to plug into house power on the Fox Studios lot, eliminating the need for portable diesel generators, which are often high carbon emitters. In addition, 21CF hired BSI to oversee sustainability efforts day-to-day. BSI representatives regularly visited the Legion set, tracking each department’s progress and helping address new sustainability challenges as they arose during filming.

The Legion crew also sought out innovative ways to give back to the communities where the show filmed. Over the course of the five-month shoot, the show donated 2,800 pounds of edible, leftover food to the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition, providing more than 3,000 meals to the city’s homeless and hungry. The production also supported Five Acres, an LA-area childcare agency and one of the city’s oldest nonprofits. The crew took part in the organization’s annual toy drive, which grants holiday wishes for children and families in crisis.

Learn more about environmental sustainability at 21CF, including the company’s recent green production efforts on the set of The Post.

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