Fostering Connections: Lessons from the 2013 Social Good Summit

Fostering Connections: Lessons from the 2013 Social Good Summit

How Do We Connect the World?

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Friday, October 18, 2013 - 8:30am

CAMPAIGN: The New Global Citizen

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By Alicia Ness

This is part II in a series of articles by the editor of The New Global Citizen on insights gained at the Social Good Summit. Read part I and part III.


That was the title of this year’s Social Good Summit (SGS). Their hashtag hung, illuminated by a scrim, behind every speaker and panel on the SGS stage.

SGS was clearly focused on cultivating public dialogue and the broader and more inclusive, the better. This was the first time I had ever known a social good convening to elevate its Twitter hashtag to brand the event.

Last year, in an effort to convert the summit into a truly global gathering, the summit broadcasted the event live over 72 hours from New York, Nairobi, and Shanghai.  This year, they kept the broadcast in Manhattan, and raised the bar by empowering communities worldwide to host meetups around the broadcast of the event.

Simultaneously an enormous cohort of “fellows” representing traditional press, seven UN languages, and a global diaspora were live in New York, attempting to further amplify the conversation around the globe. For three full days, #2030NOW was definitely trending.

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