Blog: Amway, GM and Dollar General Among Corporations Making 'Good' A Goal

Devin Thorpe, Contributor
Sep 3, 2013 11:45 AM ET
Campaign: #AmwayVolunteers

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If you look for examples of corporations doing good in the world—as I have—you won’t want for examples. Once you open your eyes to it you see it everywhere.

Amway, the world’s largest network marketing company, provides an example. Todd Woodward, Vice President of Corporate and Integrated Communications there, explained, “We encourage and help Amway people — distributors and employees — to get involved in their local communities and to mobilize others to do good. One of the examples of how we do it is the AMWAY ONE BY ONE® Campaign for Children. Launched as a corporate program in 2003, Amway One by One has evolved into a grassroots movement driven largely by distributors working in their local communities on programs they are passionate about. Currently, Amway not only partners with distributors on their local child focused programs but also fully supports them by offering assistance, providing funding and matching grants.”

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