FedEx Fleet Electrification

The transition to an all-electric pickup and delivery fleet is in motion—see where we’re headed
Nov 4, 2021 10:35 AM ET

We’re working to make package deliveries more sustainable by transforming our network for the future through strategic investment and collaborations in new technologies.  These investments are a critical step in our journey to reach our goal of having carbon neutral operations by 2040. By making the move to all-electric delivery vehicles, FedEx – and the logistics and transportation sector as a whole – can help advance emissions reduction goals.  Achieving our goal to have an all-electric, zero-emission pickup and delivery (PUD) fleet will be accomplished through phased programs to replace existing vehicles. For example, by 2025, our goal is that 50% of FedEx Express global PUD vehicle purchases will be electric, rising to 100% of all purchases by 2030.

Our goal is that our PUD vehicles of the future will have zero tailpipe emissions and also help us improve how we deliver all kinds of packages, along all kinds of routes, dealing with all kinds of conditions in the 220 countries and territories where we operate. That’s why we’re including a diverse range of electric-powered vehicles from delivery vans to ePallets and ebikes—and exploring some other unique new options, too. Check out the innovative solutions we’re working toward below, and see how they could help reduce vehicle congestion in crowded urban areas, help us deliver more packages in less time, create a smaller carbon footprint—and play a specific role in how we deliver for you.

BrightDrop EV600
All-electric vans like this one from BrightDrop, a new business from General Motors, will be the primary vehicles delivering packages in most communities.  We’re planning to introduce 500 of them in California by January 2022.

Key stats:

  • Zero-tailpipe emissions
  • Over 600 cubic feet of cargo room allows for more package deliveries per trip
  • Estimated range of up to 250 miles a full charge

And we think they are super sleek!

Connected BrightDrop EP1

In addition to the BrightDrop electric van, we plan to introduce electric pallets to our lineup. They make delivering packages to their final destination more efficient by carrying a pallet of packages and reducing the number of trips couriers make back to the truck. 

Key stats:

  • Built-in electric hub motor can assist in moving the EP1, operator can adjust speed to match their walking pace
  • Stores almost a half pallet worth of goods in an estimated 23 total cubic feet of cargo space
  • In a pilot test, our couriers were able to handle 25% more packages effectively and safely per day

And our team members found them easy to maneuver!

Electric cargo bicycles

As we strive to decarbonize our global pickup and delivery fleet, we’re also rolling out electric cargo bicycles to help meet the needs of zero-emissions cities that may exist in the future.  These zero-emissions bikes can help reduce traffic congestion and time between stops and make a lot less noise than the combustion engine delivery vehicles on the roads today.  Pilots have shown that electric cargo bikes are a viable solution that don’t compromise service, and we have begun implementing them as permanent additions to our fleet in some areas.  And in some cities, like London, they are directly replacing some of our vans. For now, you might spot them on the streets of many European countries, larger markets across Canada, and in some major US cities.

Key stats:

  • 93-mile range on a single charge and can travel up to 30 mph
  • Take up less space and help us deliver more efficiently

And our couriers report they love all the sunshine!

Roxo™, the FedEx SameDay Bot®

And it doesn’t always have to be a vehicle delivering your package!  We’re exploring exciting, innovative ways to accommodate short-distance, last-minute, and last-mile deliveries, like the autonomous, electric personal delivery device, Roxo.  Developing cost-effective and sustainable last-mile solutions will help meet a need that has only grown in importance during the pandemic. Instead of consumers hopping in the car to pick up an item at a nearby store, the retailer could use a Roxo device staged and ready at the store location to deliver the purchase directly to their customer’s door. Roxo and similar devices designed for use on the sides of roads or in pedestrian areas have been approved for use in more than a dozen states.

Key stats:

  • Roxo is zero-emissions and battery powered; can carry up to 100 pounds
  • Primary delivery range is < five miles from store location

New challenges call for new solutions!

Nuro: Same-day specialty deliveries

In June 2021, we announced an exciting collaboration with Nuro to test autonomous multi-stop and appointment-based deliveries. Nuro vehicles are custom-built, all-electric and fully autonomous and operate on public roads.

Key stats:

  • Thanks to its fully-electric vehicles, Nuro could add more options to environmentally friendly delivery solutions that could help reduce carbon emissions
  • Nuro’s devices are specifically designed to carry goods instead of people, which could provide new ways to move parcels and add capacity to support rapidly growing demand. All while creating convenience for customers.

And really feels like we are in the space age!

Transforming a global fleet to electric vehicles is complex, and it’s important that we have the right infrastructure to do it responsibly. We’re working closely with power utilities, regulatory agencies, and others to make it happen—and every day is a step closer from now to what’s next in achieving our goal.