Essity 2023 Annual and Sustainability Report: Essity's Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability in Brief
May 30, 2024 9:30 AM ET
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Magnus Groth, President and CEO, Essity

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Essity’s Commitment to Sustainability

Essity improves the well-being of people and societies, through leading hygiene and health solutions. Sustainability is integrated into our strategy and is a priority for long-term profitable growth.

As one of the world’s leading hygiene and health companies, we have the reach, and the obligation to contribute to society, and integrating sustainability into business processes. Our offering increasingly becomes a pre-requisite of doing business. As Essity is impacting the environment along the full supply chain, we aim to minimize that impact by decarbonizing our business and maintaining healthy eco-systems, while contributing to a more inclusive society.

Essity is committed to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and has set ambitious Science Based Targets for Scope 1, 2 and 3, covering both our own operations and our suppliers’ value chains. We are working intensively to reach our targets with clear KPIs and various initiatives in all parts of our business. Through innovation, we solve challenges in the value chain and for our products and solutions. Building on our near-term target for 2030, we are scaling up our actions using our expertise and dedication.

Still, no single company can take on the climate crisis or societal barriers alone. Therefore, we cooperate with suppliers, customers, consumers, governments, NGOs, experts, and industry peers to drive the change we urgently need.

This is our commitment and contribution.

Magnus Groth,
President and CEO, Essity

The name Essity stems from the words “essentials” and “necessities”. Hygiene and health are the essence of well-being. As a global, leading hygiene and health company, we offer products and services that are essential to people’s everyday lives. That is why we are called Essity.

Read more about Essity’s strategic priorities, earnings and leading sustainability work in the Annual and Sustainability Report 2023, which can be downloaded at