EPEAT: Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers Further Validated as the Responsible Choice

Aug 31, 2018 11:15 AM ET

As published on the Direct2DellEMC website

Those who know the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) registry know it is one of the best indicators of sustainably produced electronics. The Green Electronics Council is expanding their registry to include a new server category, and customers can find multiple Dell EMC PowerEdge servers from the start.

Why EPEAT matters

Since it first launched more than a decade ago, EPEAT has grown into a trusted procurement tool for making responsible purchasing decisions. In addition to the newly launched server category (based on the NSF/ANSI-426 standard), EPEAT has separate registries for computers and displays (monitors), imaging equipment, phones and TVs. To qualify to EPEAT, a server must meet a core set of requirements in eight sustainability categories:

  1. Energy efficiency
  2. Management of substances
  3. Preferable material use
  4. Product packaging
  5. Design for repair, reuse and recycling
  6. Product longevity
  7. Responsible end-of-life management
  8. And the company’s corporate responsibility

For customers looking to ensure they have sustainability covered, EPEAT’s comprehensive approach is an excellent choice. What’s more, organizations find it easy to trust the EPEAT registry because the Green Electronics Council works with third-party assurance bodies to verify product claims. While EPEAT is a voluntary program, EPEAT is extremely important to the U.S. Federal Government and other country governments. Also, we often see requirements for EPEAT registration from customers in commercial RFPs.

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