Environmental Consulting Ready to Explode

Jan 19, 2011 10:05 AM ET

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) January 19, 2011 - We have seen hundreds of environmental consulting firms pop up across the country.  Some have survived and others have failed.  What all seem to have in common is an inability to breakthrough the resistance that still exists in the marketplace.  The reason is that the business community is uncertain of the meaning, involvement, and cost of a Green program.

What companies do know is scary enough.  What they don’t know is a contributing factor for a slow and cautious market.  They know that the best known environmental programs start at $25,000 and go as high as $250,000.  That is a big turn off.  They know that many program call for capital improvements or capital expenditures with an uncertain or lengthy payback period.

Complexity, cost, and intrusion into the business operation are not welcome events for an already-very-overworked business.  These are rooted in fears of the unknown and the painful things in life that we’d rather put off even when we know that is is for our own good.  It is the same problem dentists and doctors have.  People don’t come in when they should, but when they finally feel the pain.

This is all about to change.  Some innovative software is being introduced that will literally remove every excuse and provide a kind of viral market for businesses that would like to Green, but do not know how.  The Green Business League has been studying the dynamics of this market for some time and have invested tens of thousands of dollars into the first interactive software that will revolutionize the marketplace.

In fact, the expectation is that this software will reach more than 100,000 businesses across America.  With about 350 consultants, the next stage of development is obvious.  There is a need to establish agencies across the country to serve the business demands.  Instead of training new people for this task, it was decided to reach out to existing agencies that needed a powerful marketing tool.

On February 10th, 2011, the Green Business League invites serious agency builders to Miami, FL for a one day overview of the GBL agency program.  This will be the first showing of the software to the public.  Everyone who has seen this program have proclaimed its value.  The market is asking for this.  We have firms and communities waiting for the roll out, and many others will follow.

Why?   We frankly “Broke the Code” and have made this very expensive software FREE OF CHARGE via the Internet.  Secondly, this software will DEPLOY across larges markets in just days.   We anticipate that we will see whole communities adopt the software as a proven, powerful, affordable, and usable solution to the challenge of installing a Green program for this business community.

Those that see the value of the GBL agency program will be considered for an invitation to return for the GBL agency training on Feb 25-26 in Miami, FL.  We know that the best areas will go first, and that the initial price for an agency (now $10,000) will quickly go up.  However, at this early stage, we are looking for leaders and builders.

To sign up, go to THIS LINK.  The reservation fee is $100, and travel and accommodations are your responsibility.  The day starts at 9 am, and goes until 9 pm for those who wish to stay after 6 pm and pursue further questions.


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